Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

Allow your furry family member to enjoy the full treatment with a professional groom consisting of bath, brush & dry, plus nail clipping and ear cleaning. Our guests will experience the ultimate in salon technology and equipment including the HydroSurge Power Bather System (combining both bath and massage).


8am - 11am


2pm - 5pm

Safe in The Sun

As the warmer weather is approaching, it is the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors with your faithful friend, slowly strolling, appreciat…

Chewing Everything!

Dogs and puppy’s chew objects around the house at different ages for many different reasons. This blog will give you reasons behind your dog’s mis…

Food No-No’s

It is always tempting especially over periods such as Easter and Christmas when there is lots of a chocolate and rich food around the house to share s…

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